Put The Fire Out – Reduce Your Hard, Hot Blemish With This Simple Trick

Blemishes are a fact of life and sometimes they can be quite painful.

Blemishes hurt, they’re painful to the touch and they are not cute. Inflammation is what causes the blemish to be red, hot and swollen. Ice can reduce inflammation and reduce your blemish.

Ice Treatments For Blemishes

It’s important to remember that ice should never be applied directly to your skin for an extended period of time, it will damage your skin cells and give you an ice burn!

Instead, keep the ice moving or use a piece of cloth or paper towel against the affected area for 3 minutes at a time, 2 times throughout the day.

Here’s How It Works

Grab an ice cube from the freezer. Roll it in circular motion from the center of your face towards your ears. The ice will wakeup the skin and the motion towards the ears will push stagnant fluids towards the drainage ducts. Relieving that hard, hot feeling. Repeat the process for 3 minutes to reduce inflammation and blemishes. Pat dry with a towel, continue with your typical routine.

If your don’t have a typical routine, ice treatments wont be as effective in minimizing the blemishes. This is because your cells are in a trauma response cycle.

Your cells are creating melanin to protect your skin against the sun and outside environment. This melanin build up is what creates the appearance of the blemish. Once a cell starts misfiring you can correct the issue with a typical routine.

Your Facial Routine To Reduce Hard, Hot Blemishes

A typical routine consists of treatment products that help prevent further melanin (pigment) production and exfoliates away the dead & damaged cells. Unfortunately not all treatment products work on all skin types.

To find out what works best on your skin, you need an evaluation from a dermatologist or esthetician. As a licensed paramedical esthetician at Glowsthetics, I have 1,000s of hours of class room education specifically designed to help people like you!

That’s why we start every consultation with getting to know you, your past experiences, what worked, what didn’t, and start to make a plan. We’ll take the time to learn about your concerns and define your dream skin!

After getting to know you, we will perform a 360 examination and talk about treatment options.

Believe me I wish there was a magic elixir out there that solved everyones skin problems. But the truth is you are unique and so is your skin!

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