Nap While You Get Your Skin Cardio On

Let’s get one thing straight, there is NO such thing as perfect skin. However, healthy skin DOES exist and can be achieved with time, consistency and commitment. 

You don’t need to live with sensitive, red or irritated skin so long that it becomes ‘normal’ to you.

Glowsthetics Skin Boutique has a non-invasive and painless solution for all skins. The best part is you can enjoy it during your treatment while you take a nap.

Here’s more on how LED Light Therapy can drastically transform the health of your skin. 


What Is Light Therapy? 

Light therapy has become very popular in the health and wellness industries for its power to stimulate healthy cell function, accelerate healing and revitalize your skin.
Light therapy uses varying lightwaves to penetrate the skin at different depths. The depth of penetration depends on what we are trying to treat and can be controlled by the color setting. Each color light wave penetrates the skin at different depths and creates different therapeutic change in your skin.
For example: Blue light works on the skins surface to help with acne. Red light goes a bit deeper to help with aging. Infrared light goes the deepest to help with pain.


Is LED Light Therapy Safe

LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays unlike other forms of light therapy. Making it safe to do before, during or after an aesthetic or medical treatment.
LED light therapy emits a steady and consistent stream of energy into your skin and doesn’t cause set backs such as burns like other treatments have the potential to do.
It can be safely used on all skin types and tones.

The Benefits Of The Celluma LED Light Therapy

Celluma LED light therapy is FDA-approved and a Glowsthetics client favorite! 

Celluma’s primary purpose is to reduce inflammation. This makes it highly beneficial during an aesthetic treatment, before and after surgeries or procedures and even post workout at the gym.

In as little as 15-20 minutes these magical dancing lights work to kill bacteria, increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the skins surface and promote the clearing of toxins within the skin. Literally skin cardio!

 These benefits allow estheticians such as myself  to adjust the light modes and help treat acne, prevent redness and promote anti-aging effects.

Whether your approach to skincare is holistically or medically driven,  LED light therapy can be perfectly paired with any treatment to help your concerns.

 So let’s start the process by booking a consultation where our licensed esthetician will do a thorough analysis of your skin and skin concerns.

 At Glowsthetics, we start every consultation with getting to know you, your past experiences, what worked, what didn’t, and start to make a plan for your dream skin. You’re guaranteed a filter free glow!

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