Is Your Dry Skin Like Sandpaper, Try This…

Don’t fall into dry skin this holiday season!
As the seasons change, our skin has no option but to adjust with it. Dry skin is a fact of the final quart of the year and it’s not so pleasant.

Many of us experience dry, tight, itchy, flaky skin as the temperature and moisture in the air drop. It can become uncomfortable and even painful if left untreated.

We don’t want the focus of this holiday season to be on your skin but rather on your loved ones.



Here Are The Best Practices For Preventing Dry Skin:

Eliminate piping hot showers. Use warm water when bathing, and try to limit showers to 5-10 minutes. I know this is a hard one when it’s cold outside, but hot water will strip the skin’s natural oils. This will inevitably lead to dry skin symptoms.
Pat dry don’t rub off the water after showering. Allow some moisture from the shower to remain on your skin for my next tip.
Moisturize immediately after showering. This will help restore any moisture lost during your shower. If you have any body serums apply them before your moisturizer. Use thick, moisturizing creams to lock hydration into the skin.
Don’t forget your lips. Apply lip balm throughout the day to prevent chapped lips.
Use skincare products that are gentle and fragrance-free. Harsh products, especially alcohol based or bar soaps, can exacerbate dry winter skin.
Keep central heating and fireplace usage to a minimum. This creates a dry indoor climate, which can dry out the skin further. Consider adding a humidifier into your home if you’re prone to dry skin.
Drink warm water throughout the day. This will help your body detox, rehydrate and stay warm. It’s also great for minimizing dehydration from drinking too many sugary or caffeinated drinks.
Minimize consumption of sweets. This holiday season is a pretty sweet one, I mean between all the Halloween candy, pumpkin spicy lattes and gingerbread cookies its a tough season to say no. But sugar actually breaks down your skin cells and makes it hards to heal.
Don’t skip SPF even if it’s gloomy outside. If indoor plants can survive the winter then there has to be some source of UV rays.
Visit your esthetician before the fall affects your skin. The best form of treatment is prevention. Irritation can vary but all symptoms can be managed and prevented so you look and feel your best.
At Glowsthetics, we have helped hundreds of clients suffering from irritated dry skin. The fall season tends to be our most busiest due to dry skin symptoms and holiday preparation. So it’s important that you’re diligent in booking a consultation before our books fill up.


At Glowsthetics, we start every consultation with getting to know you, your past experiences, what worked, what didn’t, and start to make a plan for your dream skin.


You’re guaranteed dry skin relief and glowing skin!


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