All You Need To Know Before Your Facial

All You Need To Know Before Your Facial


If you’re like me, you may have thought I need a facial and immediately started to wonder how to prepare for your facial.


I mean, what should you do before? What should you avoid doing before? What if your skin is sensitive? Should you workout before or after?


I know that feeling! It can be overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about preparing for a facial so that you get the best possible results.


What To Do Before Your Facial:

  1. Drink PLENTY of water before getting a facial. The best rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Not a water drinker? Then try infusing your water with natural flavors by throwing in some lemon slices or berries. Now, grab a glass of refreshing water as you continue to read this blog.
  2. Get enough beauty rest in before a facial. Resting for 6 to 7 hours every night is so important for allowing your body to truly relax and repair itself. This is especially important for minimizing puffy eyes and dark circles.
  3. Wear comfortable cloths to a facial. Most facials take up to an hour and you may or may not be changing into a robe. We recommend wearing easy to remove clothing so that you get the most out of your treatment and time.
  4. Wash your face and apply your morning skin routine before a facial. Skip out on any exfoliating or treatment mask steps as you will be receiving those during your facial. To be safe, if you’re unsure about using a specific product before a facial – just skip it and ask your estie bestie during your consultation.
  5. Get your exercise or sauna session done 3 to 4 hours before a facial. After a facial you want to stay cool and let the products absorb into your skin and create the changes your wish to see. Workouts and hot saunas create heat in the body which leads to dehydration from sweating. The heat and sweat can cause skin irritation and even reactions when they mix with products that might have been used during a facial. So its best to just chill after.
  6. Take your shower before getting a facial. Again, you want to allow time for the products to work on your skin and the heat can cause irritation.

What To Avoid Before A Facial:

  1. Avoid excess sun and tanning beds at least 5 days before a facial. Sun damage and skincare do not mix well and can hinder your treatment results.
  2. Skip all exfoliating treatments 3 days before getting a facial. This means the AHAs, BHAs, retinol’s or any vitamin A derivatives, when in doubt – just skip it.
  3. Do not wax any areas being treatment for 24 hours before a facial. This can cause burning, irritation and redness around the treatment area. If you must wax please wait 48 hours after a facial.
  4. Avoid getting your hair done before a facial. You’re skin is going to feel absolutely refreshed and amazing after a facial but we can’t guarantee your hair will look as great as your face. Headbands and hair wraps may be used so we recommend waiting till after your facial if your planing to get your hair done.
  5. For best results, avoid wearing any makeup or using any makeup remover before and after a facial. Although your esthetician will double cleanse and remove all your makeup it still coats and clogs your pores. This leads to a less effective treatment so if you must wear makeup opt for a lighter look or stick to the eyes.
  6. GENTLEMEN, please shave any areas you want to be treated 1 to 2 days before a facial. Do not shave the day-of or the day after as this can lead to skin sensitivity.

What If My Skin Is Sensitive Before A Facial?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as sensitive skin. Skin becomes sensitized overtime from multiple reasons including harsh product usage, fragrances, medical conditions, medications, lifestyle, diet etc. It’s important to take note of any of these factors that might cause your skin to react.


This is why it’s a good idea to book a consultation with an esthetician to help narrow down what might be causing you problems. As a licensed paramedical esthetician, I know we can help you gain back control of your skin by creating a facial and home care plan to sooth and minimize your skin concerns.


At Glowsthetics, we start every consultation with getting to know you, your past experiences, what worked, what didn’t, and start to make a plan. We’ll take the time to learn about your concerns and define your dream skin!


After getting to know you, we will perform a 360 examination and talk about treatment options.


Now that we’ve eased any possible anxiety you might have had, you can rest assure your adequately prepared to enjoy and get the most out of your facial. You’re guaranteed a filter free glow!


To schedule a free consultation to learn more about your skin visit us at or send us a text or give us a call at (470) 747- 8355.